Here's What Our Glamourmoms Are Saying

"I just had surprise twins 6 weeks ago and the tanks I have had for almost two decades from Glamourmom are literally falling apart. I can't believe they lasted so long! The quality is amazing and the new ones I just received even better. I love the changes you have made to the (thicker straps and adjustable chest band). I have to pump after every feed and supplement with a SNS (they were early and had a bad latch and I had to wait a month to get one in to get her tongue clipped) and the design makes it so much easier for me.  I can thread the tube and keep it in place with the fabric that you use to hold the pump in place"

- Melissa

 "These nursing tanks are my favorite. They are extremely comfortable, discreet for nursing, and offer a lot of support. The Long Top gives nice length that is flattering on its own and great for layering. The colors are beautiful and the fit is perfect. They are great too even when you stop nursing. I live in mine!!!"

— Alexa

"I bought 2 glamourmom nursing tanks and they are super comfortable, with adjustable and supportive straps and adjustable back hooks! The fabric is soft and durable making them very snug to wear and possible to wear on its own or under clothing. I would highly recommend these tank tops as they make life as a breastfeeding mom so much easier!"

— Aldine 

I am a larger chested mom and was struggling to find a nursing tank with enough support. Glamourmom nursing tanks are by far the most supportive and comfortable! I’m glad I discovered them with my first baby and look forward to continue using them with my future pregnancies.

— Taylor

"I have found the greatest nursing bras on the planet!

Before this, I went shopping around EVERYWHERE and could not find what I wanted. Either the bras were so chic that they didn't really serve a purpose, so granola that I felt like I needed to become a vegan or so frumpy that I just couldn't. I had purchased and returned 6 bras. What a nightmare when time is so limited.

"Anyhow, I found this website called www.glamourmom.com and my prayers have been answered. These sassy little bras come with a tank top that remains in place (you know to cover the little "crepe" left on the tummy after having a kid) and easy flaps that come down. They are soft, comfortable cotton and they wash well and hold their shape. The clasps truly are a one-handed operation (many claim to be but are not) and they are comfortable. Go to the website and check it out!"

— Michelle H., Washington

"I simply LOVE your nursing tanks! I wear one every day and sleep in one all night too so basically I live in them! They are very easy, comfortable and provide some modesty when out and I have to nurse my baby. I was in Babies R Us and the "mother's room" was pretty full so I sat down in the store and nursed my baby. No one could see anything so I didn't feel embarrassed.:) I will definitely promote your product."

— Deborah B., New York

"Your customer service is phenomenal! I am very impressed, not only with the quality of your products (which are awesome), but also the attentiveness of your staff. I will be recommending you to every nursing mom I meet. Thank you for standing behind your products 110%!!!"

— Christine

"Just wanted to let you know I recently ordered two nursing tank tops and they are just great. I've been looking for something like this even prior to having children! I couldn't understand why no one made a tank top with built in support so I wouldn't have to worry about my bra straps peeking through. And when I began to wear nursing bras, I really didn't want to show those ugly straps off, so I was happy and relieved to find this product and I'm thrilled that it's as good (better, even) than I had hoped. The material is super soft and comfy and the support of the built in bra is just great. I wear them ALL the time -even to bed. I bought one with the "Glamourmom" logo on it and now that's what my husband calls me, which is just an added bonus.

"I'll certainly be recommending your product to all my mom friends."

— Kristen B., Vermont

"I LOVE your nursing tanks. They are the best thing that ever happened to breastfeeding women. I wear them to bed and during the day; I now have 5 of them!


— Pamela P., New York